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The Fright Meter Awards are presented annually by the Fright Meter Awards Organization, a non-profit organization dedicated solely to honoring and recognizing excellence within the horror genre. The nominations and winners are determined by members of the Fright Meter Awards Committee.
Members consist of horror fans, bloggers, actors, producers, directors, and others, making the Fright Meter Awards truly the most prestigious horror award given. The Fright Meter Awards aim to select and nominate worthy films regardless of budget, means of release, or popularity.


Now in their sixth year, the Fright Meter Awards have a very humble beginning. In 2007, Troy Escamilla started a modest blog called Fright Meter, where he offered reviews of horror films. However, the main goal of the blog was to create and award specifically for the horror genre since it often is drastically overlooked by mainstream awards. That year, The Mist was named Best Horror Movie. Troy continued his yearly awards on his little visited blog for a couple of more years. However, not satisfied with the reception, or lack thereof, that the blog, and more specifically, the awards were receiving, he aggressively began marketing on social networking sites and various horror blogs. In 2010, he allowed internet voters to choose the winners of the Fright Meter Awards and in 2011 formed an official awards committee who were responsible for selecting the winners.

The awards and the blog have taken of tremendously in the last two years, with over 3500 fans on Facebook, over 4000 hits per month, and interviews and acknowledgments from Fright Meter Award winners and nominees, including May and The Woman director Lucky McKee, Insidious and Dead End star Lin Shaye, and The Woman star Polyanna McIntosh.

Troy is taking this opportunity to transition the awards to the next level, which has always been his goal. Moving the awards from a simple "blog” award or strictly fan voted award, his intention as serving as the Fright Meter Awards Organization President is to create an awards organization much like the Academy Awards, where nominees and winners are selected by a passionate and dedicated group of fans and those involved in the genre. winners are selected by a passionate and dedicated group of fans and those involved in the genre.

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